Mail box post protector Shield
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The Dawg is a Good Post Protector !

Protect your post from weed trimmers! Post Dawg is a tough mutt and won't allow those nasty garden tools to damage your wooden mail box post. In fact, the Dawg prefers trimmers to dog bones.

The curved design of the Post Dawg deflects weed trimmer blades to the center of the curve, insuring the proper height of the cut, and protects the roots of the grass and the post from damage. The Dawg has been trained to protect. Let him do his job!

The Post Dawg Protector beautifies !

Don't be calling the dawg beautiful...Grrrrr. Let's just says he's cute. Post dawg has some nice curves and will make your mail box post look...Umm, cute! Once he covers the nasty looking base of your mail box post, you can take pride in your yard. No more ugly looking gash marks and worn, rotting wood. The dawg will be out there 24/7 protecting your yard, and you won't even have to clean up after him!